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The Medicine Wheel And The Web Of Change.

  • 50 min reading by phone/video
  • Reiki healing
  • Reiki download
  • Session 2 half price. 


The Medicine Wheel And The Web Of Change.


Priestess Arcana provides you with one of our classic readings, with complimentary healing attached using the medicine wheel. 

The Medicine wheel is one of the very best healing combinations and used by ancient tribes many…many years ago, being it’s lasted this long and still used today.

The Medicine Wheel puts everything in perspective and lays the foundations on your life, and kind of puts things back in place if you know what you are doing of course.

Priestess Arcana has the skills and knowledge to run through with you the benefits and with her expertise in many areas of family life, love, career, and in general you’ll know straight from the off that your in very good hands.

Imagine, laying out all the main issues in your life and rounding them off in the wheel and bit by bit you can simply work out the triggers of life’s reactions and pathways to success, with one very simple format. Because it is simple, it really is. The issues can actually be worked on during part 1 of the wheel, and part 2 of the wheel there you can work on some ideas of how to maintain life’s troubles.

It is advised to have 2 or more readings. 

These really do work and can have a huge impact on those important factors in your life. I mean, who do you really go to? That’s just it talking with someone who’s not involved is a wonderful listener and helper.

Medicine Wheel Reading and Distant Reiki Healing with Shamanic Reiki Download for you to keep.

Sounds like I need this, tell me! How is it done?

Ok, so what do I do now.

  1. Simple make the purchase and on checkout leave a note or,
  2. Then go to
  3. Open up the chat feature that’s in purple on the bottom of your device.
  4. Leave your name and email with the screenshot of your order or number
  5. And a quick message about the ‘ The Medicine Wheel Reading ‘
  6. And that’s it, Rachel will get back to you and discuss further developments.

Love it! What else comes with the reading?

  • Reiki Healing
  • Shamanic Reiki Download
  • Intuition
  • Problem solving
  • 50 min reading via phone or video ( we can’t always guarantee video )


You must be over 18. For entertainment purposes only ( We have to say that it’s law ). Please read terms of use before, after and during the whole process.

Refunds: Please refer to the terms of use and the faqs for further information.

Vat not included. ( Vat is a British tax )

Terms of use 

Reiki is a very harmless energy sourced from the universe.

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