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Reading, healing and spell bag




Spell bag


Reading, healing and spell bag



Reading and healing with spell bag


-Celestial Star Energy work – Quantum Energy Work

What is Quantum Energy Work?  It is a way of clearing out negative energy and life patterns.

I am Rachel Gibson the Founder of Celestial Light Energy TM. I can remove and break negative attachments from a distance. Working with my guides and celestial  beings that remove negative energy away from your life. This is achieved by breaking old attachments from the past.  I can support you in feeling happier. As a  Spiritual Quantum worker I will support you in gaining your soul purpose and break the thing/s that has been preventing you from obtaining your goals and gaining your desires.  Additionally, I can also support you in clearing your chakras and give you the insight to help you create energy flow in your home and life. Book an appointment today. 

Cut old attachments and energy chords now by booking a session with me.

45 Mins

Read terms of service  under healing and readings at 


Vat is included 

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Weight 250 g


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